Taking Aim At Needs in Texas

Hunters For Good's Texas Deer Hunters Cookbook


We are an emerging grass-roots 501(c)3 non-profit venison donation program with a focus on feeding hungry Texans with our current priority being food insecurity in North Texas.

The USDA 2011-2013 U.S. national average food insecurity rate is 14.6%. Texas has a disturbingly high rate of 18.3% - lower only than Arkansas and Mississippi. This means that over 4.5 million Texans don’t have access to enough food for an active, healthy life by all members of the household. That’s almost one-in-five Texas households. And, over one-in-four are children that live in these households struggling to afford food. The Dallas County food-insecurity rate soars above both that of Texas and the national rate, at 20% . Other rates in North Texas counties that exceed the national average: Tarrant, 18%; Denton, 15.8%; and Collin, 15.3%, according to research by Feeding America (2009-2012).


Hunters For Good has chosen venison as our preferred method to help fight hunger because white-tailed deer are abundant in Texas. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department estimates a population of three to four million white-tails, the largest population of any state in the nation.  And, there are over 500,000 hunters. The potential to feed many hungry Texans is enormous! 

What sets us apart is a venison donation program that works with participating deer processors to provide no cost processing of donated venison.  This approach encourages venison donations tremendously.  Once processed, HFG partners with the North Texas Food Bank and other HFG partners to distribute the packaged venison to area food banks and food pantries not normally served by venison donation programs.

Our program encourages venison donation, helps avoid waste of harvested venison and provides much needed lean protein to areas of North Texas not normally served by venison donation programs.

The deer processing fees and the donations of processed venison to food banks are both at no cost and paid for with your donated dollars!


$40 will typically process 1-deer (50-pounds of venison). Hunters For Good estimates a typical deer yielding 50-pounds of processed venison will make approximately 200 servings of lean protein.  This program supports a long-term solution to food insecurity by utilizing a naturally occurring and oftentimes wasted food source.

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We envision a better quality of life for struggling individuals and families that are affected by a lack of resources to secure important necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. 


We are taking aim at needs in Texas so no one has to make the hard choice between food, basic life comforts, life-saving medications, and the security of shelter.